How much is the shipping fee?

Package or letter. 

Shipped as a letter, recommended letter or package depending on size.

Packages are retrieved from your local post office, small letters are sent directly to the


Shipping cost is €5.14 deducted for purchase over 49€.

Matt or blank paper?

The advantage of blank paper is that it gives images a sharper impression. The

disadvantage is in addition to the reflection of the light that they are much more sensitive to

fingerprints or scratches. With matte paper the colors become slightly softer. But it's an issue

of taste, since there are pictures that are more or less eminent on either glossy or matt

paper. It depends on what effect you want to achieve.

What is the difference between posters and prints?

There is no difference at all! It's the same kind of product, we have only varied the name of

our posters and prints.

Has my order been registered?

An order confirmation must be sent to your specified email address when the order is made.

If you have received the confirmation, the order has been registered and your goods will be

shipped within the specified time. If you have not received an order confirmation and you will

not find any mail in your spam filter, the order has probably not been registered. Please

contact us if you are unsure.

How can the price be so low - what's the catch?

Our business model is based on offering professional prints, at the lowest possible price and with the best quality.

We have very many customers and we are personally manufacturing our products at a low operating costs.

This means that the price is well below the actual market value. So do not be fooled by the

low price - there is no catch.

Do you have a right of withdrawal?

All our wall posters, pictures, wall decor, prints, are produced after your order, the color,

style and size desired. With this, each order, both from the standard range and its own

design, is specially made for a specific customer "print-on-demand". The rule of right of withdrawal in the

Consumer Protection Act on distance contracts and home sales agreements does not apply.

Should your product be faulty or broken please contact us within 14 days, of course, we will

resolve this.

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time from the date you placed the order:

Ireland and Luxembourg.
Our delivery time is normally 3-6 working days  

United Kingdom, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. 
Our delivery time is normally 3-7 working days

Bulgaria and Malta. 
Our delivery time is normally 4-7 working days

Cyprus and Romania.
Our delivery time is normally 4-8 working days

Estonia, Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Our delivery time is normally 4-9 working days

Australia and the United States of America.
Our delivery time is normally 10-15 working days

Our delivery time is normally 10-15 working days

Usually we will send your order the same day or the day after. At high load or delay of shipping company,

it may take 1-2 days extra.

What happens if I do not collect my parcel?

For goods that are returned to us due to the customer has not collected the goods we charge $25.

This is to cover the double freight (to you and back) as well as for our picks and unpacking of goods.

Order damaged upon arrival

Did you purchase a product that was damaged upon arrival or faulty in any other way?

Our aim is to have 100% customer satisfaction, so please contact us if you are dissatisfied with your received item.

Email our Customer service at and please submit pictures of the product/packaging.

What are your terms of sale?

Here you can read our terms of purchase in detail.